Taste Testing the Four Global Flavors from Lay’s
Every year Lay's potato chips does a 'Do Us a Flavor' contest where they look for suggestions on flavors people would like to see. The flavor with the most votes becomes a permanent option. This is also done in other countries based on that country's tastes and flavors. They deci…
How to Make Homemade Pop-Tarts [RECIPE]
I had an extra sheet of puff pastry and some extra fruit so I decided to try to make my own Pop Tarts. I'm glad I did! They were so easy to make, very fun and super tasty! Here's all I did.
I let the puff pastry thaw out as recommended...
Taste Testing ‘Toilet Candy’ from Japan [VIDEO]
When I was last in Seattle, I saw these creative, interactive candies that resembled a toilet. I had to check these out!
In Japan, there are a variety of candies that have an interactive element to them. Some feature nothing but powders and mixes where, when combined with water, makes an edible paste…
The Best Way to Eat a Cupcake [VIDEO]
I was presented with a common dilemma: not knowing how to eat a cupcake the right way. Do you dive in, frosting first? Do you dare attempt to eat it sideways? Someone recently told me the best way to eat a cupcake. Here's what I found out.

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