Trying the Poutine at the Central Washington State Fair
Not too long ago I was saying we should have a place in Yakima that sells poutine, the Canadian dish that's basically fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. Happy to say I found a booth that serves them at the Central Washington State Fair.
Although these appear to use shredded cheese instead of c…
Where to Find the ‘U-Pick’ Farms in the Yakima Valley
Instead of growing your own garden or orchard, why not take advantage of everyone else's? The Yakima Valley is home to the best produce anywhere in the world. Many farms like making it an interactive experience to pick your own fruit. Here's a list of place that offer a u-pick produce.
Trying Deep-Fried Pumpkin Pie at Moxee Hop Festival
I'm a huge fan of new foods, especially at fairs and live events. From deep-fried s'mores to whatever-on-a-stick, I'm down to try just about anything. When I saw deep-fried pumpkin pie on the menu at a booth at last weekend's Moxee Hop Festival, I knew I had to try it.
Grabbing Cheap Eats at Hy’s in Yakima — Get Yaklimated
I like to take Baby Joel to get Yaklimated every week to a new establishment in town that most others are already familiar with. Today, for the sake of simple and cheap eats we went to a convenience store. I know what you're thinking, but this place is legendary to us here in Yakima.
In Honor of Momofuku, Five Ways to Ramen ‘Gourmet’
You may have seen Momofuku Ando trending today. He would've been 105 today, but lived a very long life. He was one of the original inventors of instant ramen. Because of that, he's one of the reasons I'm alive today as that was a staple food of mine growing up. You don't just hav…
Yakima Needs a Place to Get Real Ramen (Not Top Ramen)
When I was visiting Seattle this past weekend, we had it in mind to find a place that serves ramen. I'm not talking about your 10 packs of dehydrated noodles for a dollar-style ramen, but the real stuff the cheap ramen is inspired by. Naturally, this begged our question: "Why doesn&apo…
It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, Which Means I Can Finally Eat These
Near the beginning of the new year, Girl Scout cookies start showing up -- in front of your local supermarkets, from your neighbors, at work from your coworkers' children and even via local Facebook groups. I'm always a huge fan and buy several boxes every year. I buy more than I need and put a few …
I Made Sukiyaki and So Can You [RECIPE]
One of my favorite things to make for the family is anything that involves putting all of the ingredients into the same pot. Sukiyaki is a traditional Japanese dish that features meat and vegetables all stewing in a pot of sauce. I'm not culinary trained, but I made this over the weekend and my…

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