Morning Eye Candy
With all the buzz about Bieber and his bum...... I think we need to give you some good skin showing ~ morning eye candy, enjoy!
Soap Star Brandon Beemer – Hunk of the Day [PICTURES, VIDEO]
This one is for all the soap opera fans who are pouring over their television screens to get a look at hunks like Brandon Beemer, here.
Beemer is a soap all-star. His abs were prominently featured in both ‘The Bold and the Beautiful‘ and ‘Days of Our Lives.’ As we all know, the casts of these mid-day…
Andy Grammer – Hunk of the Day [PICTURES, VIDEO]
Andy Grammer played his music on the streets of Los Angeles all the way to the top of the charts. It’s this type of can-do attitude that allowed him to play with stars like Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat. Plus, he fits the image of a cute, Justin Timberlake-like pop star.
Actor Armie Hammer – Hunk of the Day
Not to be confused with Arm and Hammer, Armie Hammer‘s stardom is slowly climbing up the ladder with the help of his appearances in ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘The Social Network.’ The Facebook movie couldn’t even contain his hotness in just o…

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