DASHing Baby Shower Invitations
Well aren't these invitations just DASHing? Kimye's mother and current co-star Kris Jenner is throwing a baby shower and this invitations are unique to say the least!
I remember having a jewelry box like this as a child, I loved finding them for my own kids; but I love seeing this invitatio…
SHOCKING RESULTS: Which Sex And The City Character Are You?
It has been a harrowing kind of day for one of our friends. She found out that once again, she is the Rebound Girl, the female version of the Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck, if you will. She is so sick of the dating game that she could vomit all over your computer screen...
Kim Kardashian’s Dress: Hit Or Miss?
Everybody who keeps up with celeb gossip has probably by now heard about (or seen) the photos of various celebrities who showed up and showed out at the Met Gala red carpet.
People in particular zoomed in on Kim Kardashian' s Givenchy floral ensemble
What Did Justin Bieber Do Now?!
Justin Bieber of all people made me take a step back and say, Whoa, lil cute dude, what are you trying to do to DUBSTEP?!
If you don’t know what dubstep is, you betta recognize now.
Will.I.Am kind of incorporates it into his mainstream pop music, but when Justin Bieber did, I was like,…

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