Spill Proof Wine Glasses
The new craze: a wine sippy cup.  Now we all know I love me some vino, and I do have quite the collection of wine glasses, but I am still deciding if I will be adding this glass or not.  It is catching the eye of many though: The Today Show, The Chew, and Steve Harvey are just a few s…
Lindsay Lohan Heads Back To Court
Is Lindsay going to become jailmeat? Probably not, but we'll find out tomorrow, as she heads back to court on charges that she violated her probation.
Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, has been very busy defending her and coordinating some sort of plea deal with the court...
Morning Eye Candy – Austin Peck
It's hard to forget some of our favorite shows, like my oldie: Days Of Our Lives; Austin Peck is one of my favorites, he just keeps getting better looking every year. Morning Eye Candy ~ Enjoy :)
Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Getting Married?
There I was, just being nosy online and minding other people's business, when all of a sudden I saw a headline that made me start SMHHN (shaking my head hell naw).
Supposedly, Chris Brown is planning to propose to Rihanna today. (Shout out to all my cool peeps at Mediatakeout...
(VIDEO) Pink’s New Commerical for Target
I just love PINK in that new Target commercial!
Did you catch it during the "Big Bowl of Superness" Game a couple of weeks ago? If you haven’t seen it, it looks like she’s inside the Matrix 3.0, where everything has gone rogue. It's either that,…
Oscar Movie Contender: For Your Consideration
I just finished watching Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Why does this movie have to be SO friggin sad? All these EMOTIONS, I tell you!
I felt pity for people living isolated lives of poverty (in a bayou or even closer to home). I felt empathy for the little children living in verbally or physically abus…

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