Want To Rate The Big Game Commercials?
Are you one of those types who only watches the Big Bowl of Superness* for the commercials? Get out! Me, too!
This year, I got chosen to be a part of a special panel of Americans who gets to rate all the Big Game commercials for USA Today...
Justin Timberlake: The Grammys Feb. 10th
GIRLS!!! Get ready to grab your popcorn, the snuggie, and the Chardonnay! My man, Justin Timberlake will be shaking that fine a** in a suit & tie on February 10th! If I knew the exact time, I'd tell you that, too!
Morning Eye Candy
I love when Friday comes, because I can post a little extra hot to get us through until Monday..... I think he does the job well, TGIF!!!!
Justin Timberlake Is Set To Hit The Stage
Ok JT fans, your time has come to see him perform again.  Justin's recent hit 'Suit & Tie' w/ Jay-Z has prompted him to perform on Superbowl weekend.  According to mtv.com, Justin will perform February 2nd, on the DirectTV Super Saturday Night event, a charity event …
Lady Gaga’s Dress For The Inaugural Ball
I told you the other night on the radio that Lady Gaga was invited to perform at the exclusive Inaugural Ball party for President Obama and all the staff in the White House, and to go to the party, all you had to do was pay $10 bucks!
Lady Gaga wowed the crowd wearing a huge white dress...

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