16 GIFs That Prove Kids Are Awesome
When it comes to this whole life thing, kids pretty much reign supreme. OK, so they're not really good at being flower girls or staying awake while eating, but who cares! Kiddos know how to be awesome, and we're here to prove that point even further.
Sesame Street Live Thru The Eyes Of A Child
Yesterday, I took my 2 year old to see Sesame Street Live. It wasn't her first concert, mind you. Her very first concert was some show I saw at The Seasons Performance Hall, when she was just a wee little thing growing inside my uterus (lol, sorry to gross you out)...
“Tanning Mom” Did Not Endanger Her 5 Year-Old
Patricia Krentcil, infamously known as "the tanning mom" for taking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed, did not endanger her child.
At least, according to a grand jury that refused to indict her of those charges in New Jersey on yesterday.
Ode To Planning Kids Birthday Parties
It's been a hella busy week for me, don't know about you.I've even been stressing about planning a birthday party next month for my daughter who turns 2 years old! Thanks to some listeners on the show tonight, I have decided to quit stressing over decorations and just focus on making …

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