“Tanning Mom” Did Not Endanger Her 5 Year-Old
Patricia Krentcil, infamously known as "the tanning mom" for taking her five-year-old daughter into a tanning bed, did not endanger her child.
At least, according to a grand jury that refused to indict her of those charges in New Jersey on yesterday.
Ode To Planning Kids Birthday Parties
It's been a hella busy week for me, don't know about you.I've even been stressing about planning a birthday party next month for my daughter who turns 2 years old! Thanks to some listeners on the show tonight, I have decided to quit stressing over decorations and just focus on making …
Playdate Expo Is Coming Soon!
Coming down the pike is the Playdate Expo! Lots of fun for the kiddos!
Last year, I took my daughter Willow, who was 10 months old and had just turned started standing up by herself only a few weeks before. She was able to stand beside the Kids' Zumba stage and do her little wiggle dan…
Redditor Parent Makes Hilarious Family Christmas Cards
Aside from that time when a cousin, without a trace of irony, sent a family Christmas card that was a picture of all the kids dressed up in hunting camo holding rifles, these are the best family Christmas cards ever. They were made by Redditor TPThatsMe, and if you go to the post on Imgur, you can a…

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