New Punishment: Mom Dance
We all know as parents that one of our rights is to embarass our children (most of the time we are unaware that we do) but how about trying the "Mom Dance"! Kids don't listen?  Fighting?  No problem - get your groove on!
Flash Back Movie Sound Track – Win NKOTB Tickets!
What hit song did this hit movie bring us in the 80's?. Listen to the "Maddhouse" 6-10 am in the morning for the Bring it Back Jam. Right after that we will give you the artist of the day and you could win tickets to see 98 Degrees, Boyz To Men, NKOTB...
Elle Magazine Features Adele
How gorgeous does Adele look on the cover of Elle magazine?  Along with Alicia Keys and Rita Ora, Adele will be one of a few lovely ladies that will be featured on Elle's rotating May issue.

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