Morning Eye Candy

Morning Eye Candy ~ Trevor Donovan
Some say 90210 has changed; well yes the cast has, but one thing that hasn't?..  Casting great eye candy to play those hunk roles we love.  However, I have to ask, does Calvin Klein know about him yet?
Trevor Donovan is just that and another notch to the growing list of eye candy, who …
Morning Eye Candy ~ Kellan Lutz
Well, Friday has snuck up on us, so I need to give you something to last the weekend.  I am pretty sure this man will do the trick - Kellan Lutz.
Before sexy Twilight vampires - there was underwear models.....thank you Calvin Klein, thank you...
Morning Eye Candy ~ Lance Gross
The name is lying because I don't see anything "gross" about this man, here is your morning eye candy - Lance Gross.
He is most recently seen on the new Lifetime's 'Steel Magnolias' - what a great way to wake up on a Thursday!
Morning Eye Candy ~ Charlie Hunnam
It's only fitting that because a certain show had it's season finale last night, that I could sooth your sadness by waking you up with Charlie Hunnam.
Most recently known for his badass role as Jax on Sons of Anarchy, which people from everywhere are loving that show: he was also a model, a…
Morning Eye Candy ~ Matthew McConaughey
I want to end this week with eye candy we all love - Matthew McConaughey. I know, he isn't Channing that everyone is going crazy over!  If you have seen him lately, he is preparing for a new role and has changed his appearance drastically, but it is a little hard for us ladies to get his M…