Native American

First Nations Comedy Experience
The First Nation Comedy Experience featuring Native American comedians. On the FNX channel. Some these funny Natives have performed in the Yakima valley.
Music Videos That Are Native American Inspired
Aside from the stereo types that Native American or indigenous people go through. I admit I live up to some of the stereotypes. Across the country quiet a few musicians get inspiration from Native Americans. Even Us Natives set out to inspire...
Native Americans Walk Away From Adam Sandler movie
About a dozen Native Americans walked off the set of comedian Adam Sandler's movie "Ridiculous Six," a spoof on "The Magnificent Seven." Even the the cultural adviser walked away from the movie, which is being made for Netflix.
The Native actor and actresses felt insulted over the…
Google Hears Its First Native American Hip-Hop Performace
He is an inspirational Native American hip-hop artist. And he goes by Supaman. From the Crow Rez located in Billings, Mont.
He tours around the country from powwows, schools, churches to wherever. And he is the first Native American to perform at the Google headquarters...