Flood Warnings For Parts of Yakima and Kittitas Counties
Before you take off for work Tuesday you might want to make sure your regular route isn't flooded out. Due to flooding from snow melt and rain flowing down from the mountains, authorities have completely blocked off traffic to the intersection of Fruitvale Boulevard and 40th Avenue, where it le…
Is The New iPotty An iWaste?
Ok, as a mom of 2 fully potty-trained children (they both better be, they are 5 and 9 now) I am no stranger to the ever mighty crazy task that all parents find themselves faced with:  potty training.  Now if you have, had, or will have a toddler, you will most likely be just like every other parent;…
News Anchor Drops Awkward F-Bomb Live on Air [NSFW VIDEO]
WDBJ's Holly Pietrzak joined the oh-so-unfortunate list of anchors who have made Freudian slips on the air this week after she mixed up the word "luck" with, well, a word that rhymes with luck.
The visibly embarrassed Pietrzak quickly corrected herself, but allowed just enough …
West Yakima U.S.Bank Robbed
The U.S. Bank branch at 40th and Summitview was robbed just before 1 PM. The robber did not use a gun, and ran out of the bank. No injuries were reported, the bank remains closed at this time.