Is Gangnam Dance Too Much?
A Christmas party full of fun and dancing proved to be a last dance for a U.K. man, who suffered a heart attack after dancing to South Korean youtube sensation Psy's "Gangnam Style".  According to reports, just moments a...
JibJab Lets You Gangnam Style Yourself
Comedy site JibJab has had the feature for years that lets you put you and your friends and family in these animated cartoons. Now you can be Psy and dance to Gangnam Style without even trying.
Psy Ends The AMA’s Gangnam Style With A Twist
If you caught Psy's performance last night, you probably got a little shock when he was joined by none other than - Hammer!  My teenage self danced in step as the audience did, and what a performance it was!  Great closing to the 40th anniversary of the AMA's...

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