Which 107.3 KFFM DJ Are You? Find Out Here!
Which plant are you? Which animal are you? There are so many personality quizzes being shared around now a days it's hard to keep up. Now it's time to really see who you are. Take this quiz to find out which 107.3 DJ you have more in common with.
What is the Answer to the Giraffe Question from Facebook?
You may have seen your Facebook wall full of giraffes and you might be wondering, "why?" There's a riddle called The Great Giraffe Challenge that's going viral where, if you get the answer right, you turn your profile picture into a giraffe.
Here's the question.
SHOCKING RESULTS: Which Sex And The City Character Are You?
It has been a harrowing kind of day for one of our friends. She found out that once again, she is the Rebound Girl, the female version of the Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck, if you will. She is so sick of the dating game that she could vomit all over your computer screen...