Kim Kardashian’s Dress: Hit Or Miss?
Everybody who keeps up with celeb gossip has probably by now heard about (or seen) the photos of various celebrities who showed up and showed out at the Met Gala red carpet.
People in particular zoomed in on Kim Kardashian' s Givenchy floral ensemble
What Did Justin Bieber Do Now?!
Justin Bieber of all people made me take a step back and say, Whoa, lil cute dude, what are you trying to do to DUBSTEP?!
If you don’t know what dubstep is, you betta recognize now.
Will.I.Am kind of incorporates it into his mainstream pop music, but when Justin Bieber did, I was like,…
Does Your Carpet Match The Drapes?!
They do now. The carpets in my apartment match my brand new clean drapes and are as clean as can be because I finally discovered the RUG DOCTOR.
You can find it at Safeway. I haven’t cleaned the carpets since George Bush was still president, so you can imagine all the gunk that was pu…
Sesame Street Live Thru The Eyes Of A Child
Yesterday, I took my 2 year old to see Sesame Street Live. It wasn't her first concert, mind you. Her very first concert was some show I saw at The Seasons Performance Hall, when she was just a wee little thing growing inside my uterus (lol, sorry to gross you out)...
The New K-Mart Commercial Is Not Offensive To Me
I got a shout out earlier today from K-Mart (on my Twitter)!!
The religious-based boycott group, One Million Moms, declared Kmart's latest commercial to be unsound and unfit for television. I understand that as a parent, you want to shield your kids from unwholesome and/or unneccessary influences of …

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