Ag News: Russia Wheat Expansion
USDA taking grants applications for broadband infrastructure in unserved rural communities. Russia is eating into U.S. Market shares with its wheat expansion.
EU Snubs Russia Global Grain Forum
The Pork Checkoff is launching a new national awards program that will recognize future industry leaders. Targeting youth age 18-29, the group plans to give three recipients awarded with an invitation to speak at the National Pork Board events...
Road Rage in Russia Shows Costumed Comrades Attack Angered Driver
Welcome to Russia, home of Tetris, Cossack dancing and dash-cams. Thanks to the dash-cam, we've seen plenty of crazy things in Russia, but this is just silly. It shows someone suffering from some serious road rage as he actually gets out of his vehicle to address the situation to the other driver's …
Meteorite Explodes in the Sky Over Russia [VIDEOS]
In Russia, people were in for quite a surreal moment when what appears to be a meteorite falls to earth and explodes over Russia. Thanks to today's technological world, there were several videos of this crazy event as it happened.
Nothing Says Love Like A Face Tattoo
Ok, you have to know I am joking because C'MON!  A face tattoo?  Lesya Toumaniantz from Russia let a man tattoo practically her entire face, and not only was it a tattoo - but his name!
Rouslan Toumaniantz, met his new canvas in an online chat room and less than 24 hours later...
Dashboard Cam Caught Plane Crashing Into Road [VIDEO]
"in Russia, plane takes you!" Okay, so that wasn't very funny, nor did it make a lot of sense. What happened in this video is a plane crashed hard into the water (it looks like) and ends up crashing into the road. A driver happen to have a dashboard camera and caught most of i…

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