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Miley Cyrus Confirms Collaboration With Snoop Lion
Miley Cyrus is continuing her crossover into the hip-hop arena. During a funny interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, she confirmed that the rumors about her working with Cali-rap veteran Snoop Lion were true. She said the record was a surprise even to herself.
Shocking Courtroom Drama for Katt Williams!
A fortune teller cashier was punched out slapped at a NYC club Target in Sacramento by a celebrity!
Previously, this celebrity ensued on a dramatic (and hilarious) police chase on a 3-wheeler on a sidewalk!
Bartenders and patrons were cussed out by this celebrity in Seattle...
Paris Hilton Dropping New Album
Looks like the return of Paris Hilton in the music world.  She is set to release a new album which is being produced by Afro Jack who happens to be her boyfriend.  She has a lot of cool collaboration including LMFAO and Snoop Dogg.  The album is going to have a very Housey feel to it …
Snoop Dogg Will Star In Family Sitcom For NBC
Snoop dog will be making his way back to the small screen.  He has been picked up to star in a new sitcom on NBC.  Snoop will play a father figure in the series.  Snoop’s not new to TV he has had his own reality show on E! called Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood…
Snoop Dogg Raps With Puppet on Bizarre New Song [VIDEO]
Rapper Snoop Dogg has collaborated with a number of great artists in his career. Which is why we're more than a little surprised to see that he's teamed with Air New Zealand mascot Rico on a new promotional single, 'Hello Sunshine.'
The video for song, which features such memorable lyrics as "Wh…