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The Next ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Will Be Decided in June
The Star Wars saga might end with Episode IX, coming out in 2019, but Lucasfilm has already been hard at work expanding the universe and planning for more Star Wars and Star Wars-adjacent movies far, far into the future. We’ve already gotten Rogue One, which occurred, chronologically, somewhe…
No, Star Wars is Not Filming in Issaquah
You may see a website getting shared around saying that they're filming parts of the new Star Wars film in Issaquah and are in need of 'hundreds of extras'. I'm here to say, "no, no they are not." Sorry.
Star Wars Jokes Bound to Make you Groan like Chewbacca
Today is May 4 as many have labeled Star Wars Day in honor of the phrase 'May the Forth be With You' as a pun on the classic line from the film. If you're like me, you love a good joke -- or bad, depending on who's telling it. If you need some help, here are some great ones to us…

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