Three Cool Pools in the Yakima Valley
We complain all year about how it just isn't warm enough. Now it is warm and we are all complaining about how it is just too much. But the kids need something to do and stay cool at the same time. So take them swimming! Here are three of the top pools in the Yakima Valley.
10 Belly Flop GIFs to Improve Your Summer
Ahh, summer. 'Tis the season of watermelon art, diving fails and-- you guessed it-- belly flops. When we were kids, this pool move was awesome. But nowadays... who are we kidding? It's still (painfully) awesome!
What Day Does Franklin Pool Open?
As soon as the sun starts shining in Yakima and the weather becomes warm enough to wear shorts, one of the first questions people ask is when Franklin Pool opens in Yakima. Here's what we know.
What To Do With The Toddler Kids On A Monday?
I woke up this morning with a dilemma many mothers (and fathers) are faced with: What the hay am I gonna do with the toddler(s) on a Monday morning?
Asking for help on Facebook was a bust. No one had any suggestions I didn't already know about...
Best Places to Go Swimming in Yakima – Our Top Five
Summertime in Yakima can be brutal. There isn't much a finer idea underneath the hot summer sun than going for a dip, but what if you don't have a pool in your own backyard? Here are a few swimming options for you in Yakima.
Franklin Pool
Franklin Pool is the traditional favorite of Yakima..…