Taste Test

Trying the Grand Ferrero Rocher Chocolate [VIDEO]
Ferrero Rocher are about as fancy as you can get with a store-bought chocolate. They're a hazelnut and chocolate wrapped in a crisp chocolate layer and, more importantly, they're pretty good. This was the first year I've seen a Grand Ferrero Rocher so I thought I'd buy one to see…
Taste Testing the Four Global Flavors from Lay’s
Every year Lay's potato chips does a 'Do Us a Flavor' contest where they look for suggestions on flavors people would like to see. The flavor with the most votes becomes a permanent option. This is also done in other countries based on that country's tastes and flavors. They deci…
Taste Testing the New White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies
Hostess usually comes out with a few varieties of Twinkies every year based on various themes, seasons, holidays and movie tie-ins. We are currently treated to these White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies in honor of the new Ghostbusters film. Let's check them out!

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