Did Chris Brown Get a Rihanna Tattoo?
Chris Brown and Rihanna shared the kiss heard around the pop world at the MTV VMAs last week. Then, RiRi immortalized her late GranGran Dolly in a massive tattoo under her boobies. Now, it's been revealed that Brown has gotten a new piece of ink on his neck, and he insists that it is not a trib…
Lady Gaga Gets Anchor Tattoo
Anchors away!
Lady Gaga showed off her latest tattoo — on the left side of her shapely body, of course, since that’s where she puts all of her ink. The ‘Born This Way’ singer and ARTPOP star was inked with an anchor on her side, near her boob. It&CloseCurly…
Justin Bieber Gets Crown Tattoo
Justin Bieber continues to add to his tattoo collection. After getting a ‘Believe’ tattoo when his album dropped in June — not to mention getting all sorts of guff from David Letterman about inking his body while a couch guest on the show — and a music symbol in the…
Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush Gets New Tattoo
New tattoo alert! Carlos Pena of boy band Big Time Rush has gotten a pretty sweet new tattoo.
He tweeted a photo of his spiffy new ink, which was etched onto his ribs, known for being an incredibly sensitive (read: painful) spot on the bod when it comes to getting tatts.
See Creepy Man With 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos
Oh boy. We understand what it’s like to be a fan of a celebrity — heck, we’d walk from New York to California if it meant getting to meet Britney Spears or Adam Levine, but this is a little excessive. There’s a man out there who voluntarily …
Rihanna Gets New Tattoo of a Cross
Rihanna has some new ink! The ‘Talk That Talk’ singer’s body has long been her canvas, and now she’s added a new piece of art to the gallery she’s already sporting on her skin. What kind of ink did she get this time?
Justin Bieber Gets Another Religious Tattoo
Justin Bieber is once again showing his devotion to God and his Christianity through ink. The teenage dream got another religious tattoo only a few months after debuting the face of Jesus Christ, which lives on the back of his left calf. The new tatt is a pair of praying hands and it&CloseCurlyQuote…
Rihanna Gets ‘Thug Life’ Tattoo
Rihanna is no stranger to tattoos, so when we heard she got another one, we were hardly surprised. But a Tupac-inspired ‘Thug Life’ tattoo on her hands? That’s one we weren’t quite expecting.

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