Justin Bieber Gets Jesus Christ Tattoo Inked on Calf
JB loves JC.
Remember when Justin Bieber prominently thanked Jesus during his VMAs acceptance speech? Well, he also carried a serpent, which is a Biblical creature, while on the red carpet that evening, so it was quite an “odd” night in terms of Bieber lore. However, The B…
Demi Lovato Shows Off New Tattoo
Demi Lovato has kept plenty of faith in her life over the past year, but now the 19-year-old singer and actress has a permanent reminder. Lovato took to her Twitter page Wednesday afternoon where she revealed a photo of her freshly tatted forearm with “faith” scrolled dow…
Selena Gomez Gets ‘Justin’ Tattoo?
Gomez was spotted rocking a ‘Justin’ tattoo on her wrist at her performance in Las Vegas over the weekend.  The question that every one is asking, is it a real tattoo?  No it wasn’t, It was drawn on with a magic marker.  Even thought the two are v…
Justin Bieber Third Tattoo?
Bieber is at it again with his third tattoo.
He was recently spotted with number three on his elbow to add to his colection. Bieber has a huge star outline on his elbow. It's identical to his father's, along with the other two. 
It's not the first Identical as his father's, hi…
Miley Cyrus Reveals New Tattoo [PHOTO]
Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter, and already, the 18-year-old singer is making headlines.
A few days ago, Cyrus tweeted a new photo of herself, in which she presumably meant to show off her "piggy tails."
"Rocking piggy tails for the first time since like 6th grade! I love su…
Dad Fined for Tattooing Three-Year-Old Son
Georgia resident Eugene Ashley claims he was too drunk to remember giving his then-three-year-old son a tattoo on his shoulder that read "DB," for "Daddy's Boy."
However, the evidence of the 26-year-old's poor judgement remained etched on his boy's arm, and once a Georgia Departme…
Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo
Miley Cyrus recently showed off her new tattoo which is apparently on her rib cage. She is 18 years old which is the legal age, but still why would you want to at that age?
Celebrities Don’t Always Have Cool Tattoos
T-Pain recently got some new ink. Unfortunately, he thought this tattoo was a good idea to have on him for the rest of his life. Think about it, there has got to be someone who regretted getting that MySpace tattoo a few years ago.