Taste Testing the New White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies
Hostess usually comes out with a few varieties of Twinkies every year based on various themes, seasons, holidays and movie tie-ins. We are currently treated to these White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies in honor of the new Ghostbusters film. Let's check them out!
Why Pay Thousands For Twinkies? Here’s The Recipe.
In the wake of the closing of Hostess, many are worried that they won't be able to get Twinkies, and driving the prices of the snack cakes up to absurd degrees on eBay.
Good thing the recipe is easy to find, if you're not made of money.
Twinkie’s Top 5 Commercial’s (Videos)
KFFM has a new disc jockey and his name is Twinkie! You can catch him as part of the Morning Madhouse with Nahum Ray and Coco every morning from 6am - 10am. I thought as a new member of the staff, he deserved an introduction to all of the great "Twinkie's" that came before hi…