Twins Try To Imitate Dad’s Sneeze
Babies imitate their parents all the time, as anybody who has accidentally let a curse word slip in front of a baby can tell you. But sometimes this is less embarrassing and more cute.
Witness, for example, these twins "learning" how to sneeze courtesy of their dad...
Adorable Twins Have an Epic ‘Pacifier War’
Adorable identical twins Lillian and Diana Bajorek wage war over a single pacifier by forcibly removing it from each other’s mouths. Babies are undeniably cute, but as this video shows, sharing just isn’t part of their vocabulary yet.
Mariah Carey Investigated By Child Services
Protected Child Services are questioning the singer about an incident that was reported about Carey's new twins.
A nurse had suggested to Carey that she drink beer to help aid in lactation for her new twins.
They are saying that the nurse told the singer to do that so she could get closer to the …
Mariah Carey Births Twins
Mariah and husband Nick Cannon are celebrating the birth of their two new twins over the weekend.  A boy and a girl and born on Mariah and Nicks 3 year anniversary.
"According to People, Carey, Cannon and the twins are doing "great" and the new parents are overjoyed..…