wardrobe malfunction

Katy Perry Has Wardrobe Malfunction in Rio de Janeiro
Oops! Katy Perry had quite the wardrobe malfunction in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week. While perched on her hotel balcony, wearing a marigold mini-dress, Perry inadvertently flashed her lady parts to fans below. A paparazzo with a telephoto lens managed to grab images of Perry’s pr…
Keri Hilson Has a Nip Slip
You’re not truly a pop diva unless you’ve had a nip slip. All the A-listers have had ‘em. In fact, they are too numerous to mention at this point, but J. Lo and Nicki Minaj come to mind as recent unintended flashers.
Katy Perry Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction
Uh oh! Thanks to a too-sheer dress, Katy Perry showed the world her skivvies. However, thanks to an apparent affinity for boy shorts, the ‘Part of Me‘ singer didn’t show any scandalous parts of herself.
Jennifer Lopez Has Wardrobe Malfunction On TV
American Idol' Judge and Pop Star Jenifer Lopez had a slight wardrobe malfunction when one of her breast popped out on live TV.
Lopez was in Germany promoting her new album, during the interview Lopez was unaware, but when she realized carried on with the interview in a cool and collective…