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Westside Pizza Offers $1,000 Reward After Break-In
Westside Pizza had a break-in early Tuesday morning at 140 S. 72nd Ave. in Yakima, and they want to make sure the crooks get caught. The company is putting up a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects, according to a posting on their Facebook.
Tuesday's burglary took place…
Coffee With Cops In Yakima Is Friday At McDonald’s
It's become a regular thing for Yakima and it's a good thing.
I'm talking about Coffee with Cops.
The annual gathering has gone national and Yakima's finest are looking forward to seeing you Friday.
Coffee With Cops will start at 7:30 am and wrap up at 9:30 am at the McDonald's at 5910 Summitview Ave.
Want to Change Speed Limits in Yakima?
Does traffic move too slow -- or maybe too fast -- on any of the streets you travel? Want to the speed limits changed anywhere?
For me it's Summitview Avenue. I think the limit should be raised from 30 mph to 35 mph on Summitview, starting at South 32nd Avenue as you head west...
Yakima Police Unveil New SWAT Vehicle
Yakima Police unveiled it's newest weapon against crime. An armored SWAT vehicle.  SWAT team commander Sergeant Gary Jones says it replaces the current Vietnam era vehicle which is owned by the U.S. Army but used by Yakima Police. Sergeant Jones says "compared to what we have now, this is a mor…

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