This week is teacher appreciation week which was perfect timing for me to run into one of my favorite teachers when I went to Nob Hill elementary school, Mrs. Shaw.

She looks just about exactly as I remember her, as well. Although she's retired, she still helps out on occasion as a substitute teacher. When I was picking up my daughter from school, she pointed to her and said to me, "That's Mrs. Shaw, she's really nice!" Yes, yes she is! I had her for my teacher when I was in the 2nd AND 3rd grade. How lucky was I to have one of the nicest teachers of all time 2 years in a row?

The truth is I loved most of my teachers and, if you gave me enough time, I could probably name them all from Kindergarten through high school, but Mrs. Shaw always stuck out to me for her kindness and putting up with how dreadfully shy I was back then (if you can believe that).