Courtesy of Ian Waldie/Getty Images[/caption] allows you to ruin someone's day, the easy way!

On this website, you can purchase all sorts of fake things to give that guy in your life a semi-heart attack! Purchase fake sonnograms, DNA analysis results, prescription pills and birth control pills, and even FAKE PREGNANCY BELLIES! Prices range from $9.95 to $299.99. And get this, right now they are having a huge online sale with prices slashed to rock bottom.

Who in the world would do such a thing as to fake a pregnancy? I don't care if it's supposed to be a "gag" prank or not. Women just should NEVER fake something like that. Who are you, The Little Woman Who Cried PREGNANT? Oy, the NERVE of some people! And the fact that there is a large enough demand for these sorts of things...Ugh, I am just so disgusted with this website already!

Listen, you don't ever fake a pregnancy, unless you are joining a Pregnant Twerk Team and are getting paid to do so on JERRY SPRINGER! Hello! (Twerking begins at 07:10)