Love is in the air and with Valentine's Day coming up you may be ready to pop what could be the most important question of your life. From romantic to unique, here are five places in Yakima that you can propose to your sweetie.

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    The Location Of Your First Date

    This makes everything come full circle. Where ever that first date was, whether it's underneath a tree you carved together at Randall Park, at the restaurant you both went to for the first time or even at the movie theater. That places holds true to your heart so make it "your" place by proposing at the place you had your first date.

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    From The Sky

    This one requires a friend with a plane or maybe knowing someone who knows someone with McCormick Air School. Find a way to set up a large marriage proposal using tires or carving it into a crop field of some kind to you can point out the window so she can read the message on the ground. I know someone who did this and thought it was really creative so I wanted to pass it along.

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    Capitol Theatre

    The Capitol Theatre is one of the most beautiful places in Yakima so why not propose there. With any luck, depending on what the show is, it'd be fun to work it out in advance so you can go up on stage with everyone watching to propose in front of everyone. Who knows, maybe my dad can serenade you with this viola.

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    Linden Way

    The little street heading north on 22nd off of Lincoln is Linden Way. It's a dead end street, but if you've never driven down it, do yourself a favor and take a quick drive down, turn around and drive back. It looks like something out of a storybook. I've known one or two people who have proposed on this street just because it's such a pretty landscape.

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    The Arboretum

    The Arboretum would be a great place to propose and making a lasting memory. One of the most scenic spots in Yakima, especially in the spring. The Joyful Garden, especially, is a wonderful pathway that you can even host your wedding here. Looking to make a lasting impression? Think of the Arboretum.