It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj can spew out words that require a constant, precise finger, ready to fire that all famous censor *BLEEP* we moms all know and love; especially with her recent headlining news of her spat with the mighty Mariah on American Idol; however for this tiny Minaj lover, it truly brings tears to his eyes when he does not get the chance to sing even the clean version. I myself “censor” what my children hear when it comes to music, after all, they haven’t even reached the double digits in age yet! So I can relate to this mom and her decision to ix-nay certain songs, but even little Dustin isn’t keen on the bad-word version, he just wanted the clean one! Through his disappointment and constant tears, he still manages to be polite! KUDOS FOR THE MANNERS!

Ellen Degeneres is no stranger to Miss Minaj and her presence (and most likely language), but this isn’t the first time that Ellen has found a pint-sized Nicki Minaj fan…….we all remember Sofia Grace and Rosie who were over the top with excitement to sing “SuperBass” live on The Ellen Show, and who could forget that moment they met their favorite lady! Will Dustin get his chance as well? But whether he does or not, I have a feeling his polite, yet upset moment shows us, he will be okay :)