Still on my house hunt, Daniel McLaughlin and I went out to look at some more houses. The cool thing about looking for a new house is A.) it's free and B.) I love getting ideas on what I like and don't like about different ones.

Like this one pictured above. As soon as he opened the front door all I could say was, "Wow! That is some GREEN carpeting." One house we looked at was covered from room to room with green shag carpet, much like the shag carpet I had when I was growing up. This house obviously belonged to an elderly couple and was in great condition. There was even some stellar cowboy wallpaper in the basement. This house had just about everything I'm looking for in a house, including a dutch door. You know, those doors that can open all the way, or just the top half. That's pretty neat. I may have to come back to this house. Sure, I can remove the green shag carpet, but I don't think I would - not for a while anyways.

This was a house we looked at for a little bit. My wife and I will pass on this one as it wasn't big enough to accommodate our family of 5, but had an interesting feature you can use for yourself. This kid's bedroom had the lock on the outside. That way, parents can lock their kids in their room so they don't escape. I wouldn't recommend this for kids who are potty trained, but if you happen to have a baby or toddler who loves to snuggle in bed with you after midnight, may be an idea.

The great things about looking for houses with The Buyer's Agent is they'll show you anything, they have great insight on how old, if there's some TLC to be had (mostly with HUD repos) they can give you a pretty good estimate on how much it would cost to bring it up to your quality. They can even offer ideas that can save you money or suggest ways of getting the money in advance. For instance, if it's a HUD repo they can get you a loan to pay for all the repairs are needed up front so it's in sparkling condition when you move in. HUD repos may require some TLC so if you're not a fix'er-up'er kind of guy like myself, you shouldn't discount them. They're certainly worth looking at.