I've been sick this past week so I've been stuck at home, but that doesn't mean I've stopped looking for a house. Thanks to technology, I can go house hunting from the comfort of my living room and get all of the information I need online. That's one of the beautiful things that The Buyer's Agent is doing for me. I keep getting emails all the time the moment a new house goes on the market which includes pictures, the location, a map so I can see the neighborhood, how it's heated and any other detail I could possibly need. This eliminates the need to physically go inside the house. Of course if there's a house I'm interested in I do need to visit it in person, but since I've been sick I've been keeping track of the houses I want to look at. That way, Daniel McLaughlin and I can visit a few houses all at once and save time doing so.

People are snatching up good deals left and right, too. There have already been a couple of homes I was interested in, but someone beat me to it. That's okay, though, as there are plenty of great homes available right now and more pop up regularly.

Another great feature about the Buyer's Agent is that it doesn't matter who the house is from. Whether it's for sale by Owner, it's a HUD repo or even if it's from a well known, established real estate agent, if I see a house I like, I just let the Buyer's Agent know and they'll do all the work for me. Any time I can pawn off my work on someone else, I'm okay with that and they're always more than happy to oblige.

There's another Home Buying seminar coming up Saturday, May 19th. Even if you've already bought a house in the past, I'd recommend attending. You'll get invaluable information on buying a home that you may not have considered in the first place. And they're free so you can't go wrong there.