When I went to drop my kids off at school, the first time they saw the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, they got excited — even before they took a trip through it.

It's a great service to our kids and a wonderful project by the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. It teaches kids about dental hygiene, they get a quick checkup and let the parents know how it went, if there was nothing to worry about or if there might be cause to take them to a dentist. It usually ends with a fluoride treatment to keep their teeth nice and strong. They often come home with a new toothbrush, too.

But all kids saw was the McDonald's part of it. I don't know if they were thinking it was free Happy Meal day or if the truck was filled with nothing but Chicken McNuggets, but this wonderful service was overshadowed by the fact that Ronald McDonald is beckoning kids and, boom, surprise dentist visit. Well, if it works it works!

My kids are OK with it now that they know what it is, but if you happen to have seen it and were curious to know what was going on, now you know.