The legendary Dick Clark has passed on and as a special tribute, KFFM has compiled some great Dick Clark moments for you...

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    The $25,000 Pyramid Bloopers

    Dick tries to figure out if he's giving away a 58 or 68 Chevy Chevette ...and doesn't realize the car wasn't even produced until the 80's...check out the great cameo from the alive and kicking Betty White!

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    The $25,000 Pyramid Bloopers Part 2

    Dick can't find the number 7, luckily the hi-tech 80's game board operator will help him find it!

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    Janet Jackson and Dick Clark

    Dick Clark interviews Janet Jackson as she is just coming on to the scene...he always got the big interviews back in the day!

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    Dick and the 50's

    This clip features a very young Dick Clark ... he appears to have more in common with the Mayor Of Yakima then one would suspect...the fact that he looks 12!

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    Dick Clark Meets Batman and Robin

    Dick Clark is just hanging out in Gotham City and is confused that Batman and Robin aren't the next big singing duo of the sixties!