As the last movie of the series is about to hit theaters this Friday, November 16th, some of the cast of Twilight voice concerns that the scandalous cheating that took place on Kristen Stewart's part against Robert Pattinson could taint the movie.  Fans went crazy at the thought of Bella choosing anyone but Edward on screen, but the real off-camera couple: Kristen and Rob; had their own moments of hardship when Kristen Stewart choose to break Rob's (and fans) hearts by reportedly cheating with "Snow White and the Huntsmen' director, Rupert Sanders.

But have no fear hardcore fans of the world, your favorite vampire couple are back together, and not just on screen - or so we hear!  So do you feel different about the movies because of Kristen's cheating choices?  I am sure fans everywhere have something to say about the alleged rekindle of love they have found right before this very last movie hits the big screen.

If you are like me, I waited quite a while before choosing to follow the Twilight bandwagon, but I am now addicted to every movie so far and I can't wait for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 - I need to know how it ends!