I have a huge passion for video games for several reasons that I'll get into. There have been huge advances, not just in the quality of games, but how they're looked at by everyone in a good way.

I'm very happy to say that today is Video Games Day.

Growing up, video games were my escape. I grew up in a large household. I was the sixth of seven children and didn't have many places to get away. When I could, I could play a video game as my way to relax and just have fun. I have friends today I made because we had a common bond with playing video games. It was the perfect ice breaker for me in school.

Though it was primarily looked upon by something teenage boys did, I didn't know exactly how many female gamers there were until later in life. Many girls I went to school with were gamers, but never told me about it. I wore my passion on my sleeve. I still do.

It's nice that video games are getting in the spotlight on how much money they bring in every year. It's a huge businesses and not only brings in tons of cash, but also provides tons of jobs.

Because I hold onto my youth as much as possible, I also have a huge collection of classic video games. I have about 600 different Nintendo games (out of 667 licensed games that were released in the US), a box load of Genesis games, SNES games, Game Boy and so much more. The list would bore you so let's just say that I can't walk in my walk-in closet anymore.

So, today, why not play a little something. Even if it's Tetris or 'Guess that Emoji' app or whatever you're playing. Go ahead, it's all good.