Plain White T's are set to play at the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima on Monday, September 23rd. It was so cool of Tom Higgenson, the lead singer, to call in and chat for a while. I asked him if he still speaks to Delilah, where the name Plain White T's comes from and I asked him questions on your behalf that you tweeted and put on our Facebook wall.

Here's the full interview, unedited.

Asking him where the band's name comes from, he said it was from a time when you have guys like 'The Fonz' or those guys with leather jackets and their hair slicked back and a plain white t. It's classic and wanted to make their music 'classic' as well.

I had to ask about Delilah and if he still speaks with her. Apparently, they're still on speaking terms, or at least 'texting terms'. He said she sent him a text the other day where she (Delilah) was the answer to a Jeopardy question. That's how you know you've made it!

We had a few great questions from Facebook and Twitter. Dayel from Toppenish asked who they would play with if they could open for any historic band. Tom Higgenson said, "The Beatles."

Gee Nah asked what inspired him to continue writing songs after his car accident in 1999. He joking said, "To not die," but then talked about how he said you just have to push through it. It was during an interesting time where he was stuck in bed and couldn't do much but listen to music so it gave him an opportunity to really put his heart into his music.

And, to answer David Estrada's question, yes, he is a Seattle Seahawks fan.

He was fun to talk to and seemed really down to Earth. A class act.

You can still watch Plain White T's live at the Central Washington State Fair on Monday. We'll see you there!