KFFM has a new disc jockey and his name is Twinkie! You can catch him as part of the Morning Madhouse with Nahum Ray and Coco every morning from 6am - 10am. I thought as a new member of the staff, he deserved an introduction to all of the great "Twinkie's" that came before him. I searched high and low and discovered this treasure trove of classic "Twinkie" commercials that I had to share with you and him. The golden delicious tradition must continue as our own "Twinkie" steps into the spongy goodness of the atomic age created treat! I give you the Twinkie Top 5...

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    Classic Twinkie Commercial # 5

    A pair of youths lasso Twinkie the Kid, they have no idea what they're in for. This spot is from the early 70s. Are the twinkies used in the film in better condition today than this video?

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    Classic Twinkie Commercial # 4

    Twinkie The Kid Rides Again!

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    Classic Twinkie Commercial # 3

    I always played Spaceman as a kid...didn't you?

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    Classic Twinkie Commercial # 2

    The Ultimate Team-Up - Fruit Pie The Magician and Twinkie The Kid!

  • 1

    Classic Twinkie Commercial # 1

    ooohhh...to be a twinkie! A great theme song sends this Twinkie commercial to our number # 1 spot!