It's something we've all witnessed and many will admit to. You do your grocery shopping and then, once you have your car loaded, you're too lazy to put your shopping cart back where it's supposed to go. We've missed out on great parking spots because someone would just leave it in a parking stall or, worse yet, they leave the cart unattended where it rolls away and scratches your car. I need to give a shout-out to everyone who puts their shopping carts back.

I've heard several excuses of why they don't. Maybe they have a child that they buckle in before loading the groceries and don't want to leave their child alone. My solution is to park next to a shopping cart reciprocal so you don't have to walk away from your car.

I've also heard many say, "someone gets paid to do that," and while that may be true, that means that instead of helping you with what you need at the store, they're too busy walking around the parking lot rounding up shopping carts like herding sheep from the pasture.

I saw someone putting their shopping cart back at the grocery store the other day. I'm sure they thought nothing of it, but it made me happy on the inside that there are some people who still do this regularly.

Thank you! Keep up the good work!