I try my best to be polite for two main reasons. First of all, it's free so it doesn't hurt. Secondly it how I'd want to be treated or see someone else treat anyone else. Being polite takes little to no effort on your behalf and can brighten someone's day. Here are a few unwritten rules and guidelines we can all follow to keep our stress level down and carry on with our lives.

Holding the Door Open

And not just for the elderly or your significant other, but for anyone and everyone. Punk kids and children, especially. Hopefully you can lead by example and these kids without manners can see what you did and carry on the tradition.


Leaving a Parking Lot, Not Sticking Out Too Far in the Left Turn Lane If Someone Else is Turning Right

I know that's quite a headline, but let me paint the picture for you. You're going to make a right turn out of a parking lot so you only need to see on-coming traffic. Then, some jerk comes up next to you wanting to turn left and he sticks out farther than you so he can see both lanes of traffic. Now you can't turn right safely because you can't see past his vehicle, even though you just need to know if it's save on that one side, not both. Let the guy who's turning right see the one lane so we can go when it's safe.


Stand Up When Introducing Yourself

I'm not sure where I learned how to do this, but whenever I meet someone new at work or at the doctor's office or anywhere, I stand up to shake their hand. I'm not trying to measure them up or anything, I just think it's out of respect. I'm sure there's an underlying reason, like how we stand when a judge enters the courtroom or people stand when the bride walks down the isle. It makes it look like you're not too lazy to meet someone new.

Walking On The Right Side

Just like traffic. You drive on the right side, people coming towards you come in from the left side. If we all adapted this easy method when it comes to shopping at the store, walking up and down stairs, walking through school hallways, we might avoid that 'dance' that we've all experienced where both people try to avoid one another.



It's just that simple. When you're leaving the office, ask the person at the front desk if you can get anything for them. If someone is moving, offer to help. If you see someone carrying something heavy, offer to carry it for them. I'm a firm believer of karma. I'm also a firm believer of good ol' fashioned schmoozing. The person at the front desk may turn you down every time, but they'll remember that when something good comes their way. Even if they accept your offer, it will usually be something as small as a coffee, which they probably deserve. Offering to help someone move? You might end up with a bunch of food from their fridge and freezer that won't keep, but you can use. They will probably turn you down most of the time, but it doesn't hurt to offer your help. They'll mostly likely remember it when you need help with something.

Those are mine, but I'm sure you have some great ones, too. What unwritten rules do you live by? Post them in the comments.