Over the weekend, my daughter pointed out that one of her front teeth was loose and was bothering her. After a quick check, I could tell it was ready to come out. Instead of having her bite into an apple or something archaic like that, I decided to pull out my old Nintendo Power Glove.

The Power Glove was a video game 'controller' for the Nintendo that came out in 1989. After mine broke, I modified it into the geekiest looking bowling glove you've ever seen and still wear it for Turkey Bowling we do every year.

I thought it'd be fun to use this in some method in not freaking my daughter out as I attempted to pull her tooth out. Although she was still a little intimidated by it, I think it worked out well.

After the initial shock of getting a tooth yanked out from your skull, my daughter started laughing and she said she felt much better. Maybe I'll use the Kinect the next time I have to remove a loose tooth. I need some more ideas like the time we removed another tooth using our son's security blanket.