Thursday, June 12th, was the first night for Downtown Summer Nights in 2014. Admittedly, I got there a little late as I was still on the air until 7pm, but I was amazed on how many people showed up, but not surprised as everyone should be there each Thursday night!

As I pulled in, the streets were already filled with people having a great time. The sun had set behind the Capitol Theatre providing awesome shade for the evening. I checked out a few of the craft vendors. I was asked to try a sample of fresh blueberry sorbet which was fantastic! I wish I had cash on me or I would've grabbed some. I scoped out the other food vendors as well as they were happily getting food ready for the next in line, and those lines were moving very quickly.

I started to make my way over to the beer garden when I ended up running into Randy, my first boss. Aside from the paper route I had when I was 12, in the Nob Hill Plaza there used to be an Italian restaurant called 'Italiano's Pizzaria' I loved the food there and I worked as a bus boy when I was 15, barely old enough to work. I see him pretty regularly at most events in Yakima so it's always cool to run into him.

Then, into the beer and wine garden. I found a few fellow co-workers and one even bought me a drink. Good news for me as I didn't have any cash on me. I'll have to get him next time. This is about the time I took the picture above. Just hanging out with good people in the nice weather we had, enjoying live music filling the streets of downtown Yakima.

Navid Elliot of Planes on Paper was in the beer garden, too. We spoke for a bit on what he's working on. He just came back form a West Coast tour and is looking forward to playing at Downtown Summer Night here in a few weeks.

I also ran into my good friend, Molly, who I've known since we were both 8 years old. We were in 3rd grade together and she hasn't changed much.

That's the beauty of getting out of the house and hanging out at Downtown Summer Nights. You end up running into old friends, making new friends and it's all in support of supporting live and local music. Every Thursday night, Downtown Summer Nights is what you should be doing. It's free to attend, but I'll make sure to bring a few bucks next week to get more of that blueberry sorbet.