I was looking for something downstairs in our sales area when I noticed a box that was labeled from the Yakima Valley Museum. Was it some ancient artifact? A fragile item on loan? Maybe it's just a box full of Mt. St. Helens ash? I couldn't contain myself to open it up and find out. What I was blew me away. It's something I haven't seen in years.

Harvey Moon!

Harvey Moon is back in town.

Actually, Harvey Moon never left town. He was the mascot of Shultz Furniture during the popular October sales event. You'd see Harvey Moon in commercials and live at Shultz Furniture when it was open.

As it turns out, there's going to be a haunted house in the Shultz Furniture building and there are plans on resurrecting Harvey Moon for this event. I hope I get to wear the costume at least once!