The town of Kennesaw, Georgia has a law which requires head of households to own a gun. Because of this, only four murders have happened in this town between 1982 - 2012. Do you think if Yakima had this same law that our crime rate would go down? Take our poll and sound off:

My opinion is I'm pro-gun, even though I don't personally own one. But, just because I don't have a gun doesn't mean other's shouldn't have the right to own a gun or not. People in Yakima certainly have guns and shoot them, sometimes at each other which hear hear about on the news often. But, do you think our crime rate would go down if everyone owned a gun? Let me know what you think.

The issue of gun control came up in the presidential debate:

and, on that note, watch this funny commercial - it's relevant to what I've been talking about.