One of the hot new food items that many are craving is something called 'poutine'. Maybe you've heard of it or, better yet, maybe you've even seen it on a menu as you were traveling out of Yakima. What is it and where can I find some? Here's what you need to know about the next big fast food snack item.

Native of Quebec, Canada, it's basically french fries in a brown sauce (think brown gravy, but not as thick) and topped with cheese curds. It kind of sounds like Canada's version of our chili-cheese fries, just with different ingredients.

Now, the big question. Where can I find this in Yakima? Well, unfortunately, the trend hasn't caught on to our town yet. Certainly there's a place in town that's apt to carry something like this. I picture poutine as total bar food so maybe we can talk a local place like Mickey's, Bert's Pub or Jackson's Sports Bar into getting these on the menu. In the meantime you can certainly make your own at home. Just make (or buy) some french fries, dilute some brown gravy and find some cheese curds, you'll be good to go. Can you use something other than cheese curds? Well, sure, but then it wouldn't be poutine.

Happy eating!