Seoul Teri-House on the 7th Ave, Yakima Ave, Summitview Ave triangle is one of those places that I do visit semi-regularly. It might go a stretch without going there at all and then, when I go back, I remember why I used to go there all the time. The food is great and reasonably priced. One item that I would've never thought to order for myself is the Coconut Noodles. My wife ordered it once, just to try it, and now I'm hooked!

I love coconut, but I'm usually not into coconut-flavored things. There was something subtle about this flavoring, though. It was the perfect amount of coconut as it should be.

It's also tossed with some fresh veggies and shrimp which is always welcome on anything I order.

The dish, itself, it like pretty much any other noodle dish you could order from anywhere, but it's as if the noodles were soaked in coconut milk before it was prepared or something, I'm not exactly sure. It's pretty magical.

The next time you're at Seoul Teri-House, maybe give it a try and tell me if you liked it as much as I did.