I was at Pasta Pronto Bistro recently and couldn't quite make up my mind on what to order. I saw this on the menu and decided to go for it. It was a decision I was glad I made.

It was nice because it wasn't too spicy. Sometimes when things are labeled thai you automatically think it's going to be a lot of kick to it. Yes, there was a bit of heat, but it was the perfect amount for what I wanted in this dish.

The chicken was done to perfection. I loved the bigger chunks. I've been to other places where it says chicken, but it's shredded and sprinkled into the pasta dish so you don't even notice it.

As with everything at Pasta Pronto Bistro, I had more than I could eat which is good news for me as I love bringing home leftovers.

So, the next time you find your way to 72nd and Tieton and you're not sure what to get, I'd suggest the Thai Chicken Pasta.

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