With Summer almost here, I like to keep my hair cut short with a little "Faux Hawk." So I figured I would let you know where I go to get cleaned up, and find out where everybody else goes. What lady doesnt like to see her man nicely groomed? Fellas, with the heat in full effect already, keeping your hair cut short will reduce body heat and make you look good for your lady!

My personal barber is Chris A. He has a chair at Jagz Barbershop, 812 Summitview Ave, here in Yakima. Jagz is the business of choice for a lot of people in Yakima. Specializing in all the newest styles for men and boys! If you are female, they can still cut you too! Get cleaned up where I do; With Chris at Jagz! 509-654-7700 for appointments! #TeamTwinky