American Idol's Top 60 travels to Las Vegas to tackle the Beatles catalog, using the Cirque du Soleil production of Love as a backdrop. At least, that's what's going to happen for the first hour.


he Vegas trip initially was to take up the entirety of tonight's two-hour show (8 p.m. Eastern, FOX), the drama of the eliminations apparently was so great it bled over from Thursday into tonight's second hour.

That leaves us with many questions, such as: Will Lauren Alaina continue to try out her Lolita act on Steven Tyler by singing Come Together, which Aerosmith also recorded? Or will flattop Scotty McCreery coming grooving up slowly? Will we hear more of Jacob Lusk's long and winding melisma? Will Tatynisa Wilson need continued help (!) remembering her lyrics? Can the Idol producers work it out to get Kendra Campbell and Paul McDonald into the life of the show, so we can finally get an idea of what they're actually like? Who'll get a ticket to ride? And, of course, who'll make Jennifer Lopez cry instead?

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