Washington State Patrol have a 'Good To Know' series which gives you some insight to the WSP. In their most recent video they describe the taser's function and even show some footage of cadets in training feeling it's wrath.

You've seen their belts. Washington State troopers have more tools than Batman. The first plan is, always, to talk it out but if that doesn't work they have a few tools to work with, including the taser.

“The short time that they’re incapacitated is just what’s needed to apply the ‘cuffs, and at that point most suspects stop fighting,”

via Sergeant Shannon Bendiksen

If you're wondering why they have to feel the effects of their own taser, it's for a few reasons. It allows them to know how strong it really is, it gives the other cadets practice handcuffing subjects and it builds their confidence in the equipment they use.

How about you? Have you ever been tasered? Or would you allow yourself to get tasered? Tell us in the comments.